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Appeal against a negative decision

Offices are strictly governed by law. It is a place, where we have to stand in queues, go through endless procedures and can get unfavorable decisions.

How does the situation of foreigners in Poland look like?

Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge of the regulations means that you should take a bite of the reality sandwich.

Anyone can miss the required document. Improperly fill the column. Give wrong data. Therefore, the most common reason for issuing a negative decision by the office is rejection of the application for formal reasons.

Fortunately, this decision does not mean that everything is lost. We have the right to appeal against negative administrative decision within 14 days.

Thanks to our consultants, you’ll never have any problems filling in the application. We will help you prepare all the necessary documents needed to appeal. We will be your representatives in the Office. Everything will be made for you so that you can enjoy a positive decision. Contact us and see that you can do more.


Thanks to Live In you can avoid the most common mistakes:

  • submitting an incorrect or incomplete application
  • providing false data
  • non-complying with the conditions of stay on the territory of Poland
  • failure to appear on the office’s request
  • taking actions inconsistent with Polish law