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Expulsion of a foreigner from the country of arrival is an administrative decision issued out of necessity due to non-compliance by the foreigner with the conditions of stay.

As specialists in foreigners’ law, we will help you in the event of a threatening deportation. Because experience, we know how to work in your case. Together with you, we will work out an appropriate action plan. We will do everything for you to stay legally on the territory of Poland.


To avoid the expulsion procedure from the country:

  • a foreigner is obliged to leave Poland before the end of the stay, to which we are entitled on the basis of a national visa, Schengen or a temporary residence permit
  • leave 15 to 30 days from the time the final decision was taken refusing to renew your Schengen or national visa, grant a permanent or temporary residence permit, EU resident stay or withdrawal


  • you must leave your country of residence when a refusal was recorded in the passport to grant the refugee status, subsidiary protection or when he was deprived of that status
  • a foreigner who is staying in Poland under a visa-free regime is obliged to leave Poland before the deadline provided for in the international agreement signed between the country of origin of the foreigner and Poland on the abolition of the visa requirement