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1. What to do if you lose your residence card?

A foreigner who has lost a residence card should notify the competent to the place of residence Voivodeship Office within 3 days of losing it. Then you must submit a request to make a duplicate. The new card costs PLN 100, the next one is PLN 150 per each.

2. I want to apply for a visa extension. What are the deadlines should I meet?

The visa application should be submitted no earlier than 3 months before the start of the planned trip. A person who has a multiple entry Visa valid for a period of at least 6 months may apply for a new visa before the visa currently in use expires. However, the validity of a new visa must start not earlier than the date of expiry of the previous visa – you cannot have two Visas at the same time.

3. I applied for a temporary residence permit - can I work during the proceedings?

A binding requirement for foreigners to work in Poland is having a valid residence card. Only the decision of the Voivodeship Office is a binding decision that gives rights resulting from the possession of a permit.

4. Can I work on a tourist visa?

Employment on the territory of the Republic of Poland, on the basis of the possession of a tourist Visa is strictly prohibited.

5. I am a Polish citizen. How can I legalize my wife's stay in Poland?

To legalize the stay of your spouse in Poland, the marriage must be recorded in the Polish registry office. Then, you should apply for a temporary residence permit on the basis of a marriage, for which you apply to the Voivodeship Office to the Department for foreigners. The procedure of applying for a temporary residence permit takes about 2 months. During the proceedings, Polish institutions verify the truth of marriage – they check whether it has been concluded within the line of law. For this purpose, the spouses are called to the Office where the interrogation takes place. Spouses answer questions about their relationship. The first temporary residence permit is issued for a one year period.

6. I am applying for a temporary residence and work permit - what does the length of the permit depend on?

A temporary residence permit is issued for the duration of the work contract concluded between a foreigner and an employer. An application for a work permit is submitted by the employer and should be attached to the application for a temporary residence permit.

7. Who could get deported?

Any foreigner staying illegally in Poland, working without proper permits or posing a threat to the security of the state may be afraid of proceedings on expulsion from the country. If the procedure is started, please contact our adviser as soon as possible. A quick response is the key against a binding decision.

8. I have ban on re-entering the territory of Poland, what should I do?

Regardless of the period during which you are prohibited from entering the territory of the Republic of Poland, you can apply for the withdrawal of the ban issued. However, each procedure is so complicated that the time to obtain a re-entry permit is dependent on the fulfillment of the conditions and is highly individualized.

9. If I have a Polish Card, can I get healthcare benefits?

If someone does not work, does not study and does not have health insurance under the status of an unemployed person, then in order to use medical services in Poland, he or she should purchase private insurance in a private company or insure themselves voluntarily in the National Health Fund.

10. Should I apply for a temporary residence and work permit if I find a new employer?

Yes. When you change the employer, a new application for a temporary residence and work permit must be submitted. The submitting of a work permit is the responsibility of the employer.

11. The employer wants to change the working conditions specified in my contract, which will influence on my permit. What should I do?

In such a situation, it is necessary to submit a new application for temporary residence and work permit together with submitting a new work contract with information from the employer about changing working conditions.