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Sport in Poland – which sport disciplines enjoy the greatest popularity?

Poland is a country where sport is treated like a religion. Regardless of whether you are an active athlete or passive observer – emotions and competition attract the same, both in front of televisions and gyms. So what makes a lot of people indulge in the beautiful spirit of sport?

The desire for victory is the hidden desire of every human being. The same mechanism is easily translated into a collective body, i.e. representation and a sense of pride in the results achieved. Despite the small everyday national conflicts, unification under state colors gives a unique sense of bond and emotion. It is this ritual shock, embellished with a huge dose of emotions, is – for both the fan and the athlete – a force that makes addiction.

Depending on tradition and natural conditions, each country favors individual disciplines as national. Therefore, according to the expectation of many inquisitive people, we present a subjective list of competitions recognized in Poland as a common good.

The five most popular sports disciplines in Poland are:

  1. Football

Modern infrastructure, beautiful stadiums and representative successes – this is a wave that in recent years has been carrying football to the heights of interest. Starting from the beginning of the 20th century, football is very good in Poland. It is currently the most popular sport. He has many fanatical supporters who are invaluable support during each match. World-class stars are the most recognizable Polish brand. Thanks to football, Poland is becoming an increasingly recognizable country on the world map.

  1. Ski jumping

This is the most-watched discipline in Poland along with football. The battle for the title of the queen of sport takes place between them every year. In winter, when there is the greatest interest in jumping, millions of Poles sit in front of television sets or follow the hill behind their favorites. This sport is a phenomenon that in 2000 infected all of Poland with the sporting domination of Adam Małysz.

  1. Volleyball

Polish national team in volleyball are Olympic champions from 1976, world champions from 1974 and 2014 and European champions from 2009. This is a leading global team that brings a lot of emotions in every match. The atmosphere at Polish volleyball matches is considered by observers as one of the best in the world. Thanks to that every match is a unique experience.

  1. Handball

“Szczypiorniak” – is a team game for real tough guys. Demanding physical conditions: strength, maneuverability, jumpiness, speed – these are some of the determinants required to practice this sport. Scenery, twists and plays to the very end are the strengths that testify to the beauty of this discipline. Who has not yet had the opportunity to follow the activities of handball players, has the chance to catch up on almost every weekend. Really worth.

  1. Cross-country skiing

Justyna Kowalczyk’s successes in the last decade have meant that cross-country skiing has begun to chase skijumping so popular in its popularity. Thanks to one of the most interesting rivalries in the history of this sport – between Justyna Kowalczyk and Marit Bjoergen – the renaissance of this Olympic sport began in Poland.


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