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The Walking Dead download

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead download

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead by Telltale Games is an episodic point and click action-game action adventure that remains true to the canon of walking dead, as well as providing new help. The “Living Dead” game feels like a comic series on which it is based, verbally decided to use animation, styleartstyle with dazzling cells and also missed the match in five episodes. Both of these things just helped walkers dead to feel that you have played an interactive comic (feature () {(“apt-page-desktop view”);)); WalkingDead focuses on the dialog. Players are given limited time,to select nekalkihvaryyantav dialogues, a dialog system similar to Mass Effect, except Mass Effect has no time limit. Introducing a time constraint, players feel the urgency and are likely to react more openly. Living Dead allows the main displayLeyEverett character as a misunderstanding or amaralnasts – is too fast time events during the game that complement the tension. The Walking Dead includes a sequence of actions, you must press the button quickly to repel the enemy, and the sequence in which you need to hurryRemove the zombies by clicking on them. Living Dead has never been the shooter, so Nekotoryeiz guns and even walked to contain some cumbersome controls while playing with the mouse and the story of The Walking Dead – it’s very exciting, backed by magnificent voice and modeling. Although,that the graphics in “The Walking Dead” is not modern, its style shady style mastatstvaprynosits komiksZamovte heroes life with bright colors and tight lines. Is it really a concern for each of the characters in your group. There are also great villains in the game who make some shocking. There are so many options thatone player can make walking dead, and your friends who play the same game will probably have a different story than you. This gives walkers dead some stellar game value. At the end of each episode, you will receive a report that your choices match with other Walkthrough collectionsDeaddo the climax of the nails, but short. From Living Dead so good that you care about the characters in your band, find out the fate of Clementina and Lee leave you zadihom. Some players complain that in conclusion, but I think it is beautifully done, and then, along with the topics presentedin the games made directly by The Walking Deadz franchise, an exciting story that provides a parallel comic book. This game is an excellent value and is one of the best igor2012 year.


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