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Weddings and divorces

Marriage it is one of the most important moments in the life of every person. Also, if we make it outside the border of our home country. To make easier this wonderful event, we offer comprehensive assistance in finalizing marriages in Poland. We will take care for all doubts regarding the formal side. We will point out the best legal routes to make the beginning of a new way of life in Poland an unforgettable moment.

Here are four ways to get married in Poland:

  • civil marriage – having a secular, valid character, granted in the Civil Registry Office
  • civil-religious marriage – in the light of Polish regulations, a valid marriage can also be arranged in the temple. According to the law, marriages in Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Jewish religious denominations are recognized as legitimate.
  • religious marriage – which is in the light of law only a religious ceremony. Therefore, spouses are obliged to perform a civil marriage at the Civil Registry Office. In Polish law, it primarily concerns Muslims who want to legalize their relationship.
  • mixed marriage – concluded as part of a religious or civil-religious marriage, between two persons of two religions or between a believer and a non-religious person.


In a divorce situation, it is much more complicated. Court, in the light of law, gives a decision of divorce.

  • With a verdict of guilt – a divorce carried out due to the fault of one of the sides
  • Without a verdict of guilt – by agreement of the sides, in the form of an agreement

The divorce procedure is much longer and hard. With our help you will get expert advice what you should do. You will find out about your rights and how to apply for a marriage annulment. Trust our experience.