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Why Poland is a good place to work?

 Poland is one of the fastest developing countries in the European Union. With balanced and high economic growth, which amounted to 4.6% in 2017 and stable situation on the labor market, it is a very popular destination for economic migrants applying for a residence card. 

Average pay in Poland

According to data of the Central Statistical Office, the average salary in Poland in December 2017 was near to PLN 4973 gross. This is a record amount for Polish conditions, which, due to the prosperous economic situation, will be higher each year. As we know, there is nothing better than growing wages. With the simultaneous increase in the purchasing power of money, we can buy more, and the prices of products remain at the same level. But whether it will affect our comfort of life depends only on ourselves. Life is the art of choosing and making right decisions.

For example, we present below the list of the average monthly gross wages and salaries in the Mazowieckie voivodship in individual sectors of the economy:

  • enterprise sector: PLN 5,841
  • industry: PLN 5 454
  • industrial processing: PLN 5,234
  • construction: PLN 6,556
  • trade, repair of motor vehicles: PLN 5,904
  • transport and storage: PLN 5,194
  • accommodation and catering: PLN 3,936
  • information and communication: PLN 8 602
  • real estate market services: PLN 7,053
  • administration and support activities: PLN 3,769


 Low unemployment

It is becoming easier to find a job in Poland. In the first quarter of 2018, the unemployment rate was only 6.6%. The demand for work is the highest for years. Employers are outdone in the ideas of recruiting an employee. There is a huge demand for contractors for seasonal works, construction services and all craft trades. This favors both unskilled employees and documented specialists. And you, according to the above data can earn really well.


Is it safe in Poland?

In all surveys conducted among Polish citizens, over 85% of respondents state that they feel safe in Poland. This is a very good result. What does this belief result from?

Poland is the majority of a culturally homogeneous country. No threat associated with an external factor and low threat of a terrorist attack are the main reasons for stabilizing internal security. Public order is monitored and preventive actions prevent any unrest.


 Cultural proximity – easy acclimatization

Ukrainians are the largest national minority in Poland. Almost 2,000,000 immigrants from the east work and study in Poland. Thanks to the closeness of experience and long-term cultural exchange, the acclimatization process for new arrivals is much easier. For those who want to maintain contact with the home environment, there are a large number of associations activating the immigrant community, which helps legally and gives support at the start of their adventure in Poland. Feel at home. Find new friends. Fall in love with the Vistula hospitality.депортация карта побиту бесплатная консультация шлюби и разводи




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