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Work permit

work permit is an administrative decision issued by a competent Office for foreigners, giving permission to employ a foreigner in Poland under certain conditions:

  • a permit is issued for up to 3 years
  • after the expiry of the validity period, the document may be extended
  • in cases when a foreigner has a management position in a company that has more than 25 people, the permit may be issued for a period up to 5 years.

Are you an employer or a foreigner and you want to work in Poland? We are here just for you. We will help you through the whole process of obtaining a work permit. Our specialists  know how to act effectively so you will not waste time. Contact us and you will make sure that we are specialist in this case.

There are two steps to get a work permit:

The first step is to apply for a work permit is staying legally. After that employer receives an confirmation of the foreigner status with whom he or she establishes an employment.

The second step is to find a company that wants to hire a foreigner. After that, the employer will complete the rest of the formalities. It is up to him to submit a proper application to the Office for the authorization of his future employee.

Who is not obliged to have a work permit?

  • foreigners who are citizens of the European Union
  • foreigners who have a permanent residence permit on the territory of Poland or a long-term EU resident permit,
  • people who have a temporary residence permit for a definite period in connection with studying or working in Poland
  • spouses of Polish citizens who have a residence permit
  • foreigners who do professional internships and participate in educational exchange programs
  • foreigners who have a valid Polish Card
  • foreigners who were granted international protection and or they have refugee status
  • foreigners who were granted a tolerated stay permit.